Mass Clone Tool

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2015

The Mass Clone Tool allows users to make multiple copies of assets that they have access to. This avoids that need to manually clone an asset over and over if a large number of copies are required.

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  1. Mass Clone Example

The Mass Clone section of the Mass Clone Tool screen is shown in the figure below.

The Mass Clone Tool screen

To clone an asset, fill out the following fields.

  • Asset to clone: select which asset you want to clone.
  • Number of clones to create: enter the number of cloned assets you want to create. By default the number entered is 1.
  • Parent for new clones: select the section of the system you want to create the cloned assets in. For example, if you want to create them under your Site, select the Site asset in the Parent for new clones.
  • Type of link between parent and clones: select what link type you want the cloned assets to be. For example, if you want them to be created as TYPE_2 links select TYPE_2 from the list. The available selections are TYPE_1, TYPE_2 and TYPE_3 with the default being TYPE_1.

Mass Clone Example

An example Site

An Article Template has been created under the Site. This template is used as a starting point when creating news articles in the Site. A user needs to create five pages under the News page and hence needs to clone the Article Template.

  1. Click on the ToolsTools icon icon in the top right hand corner of the Squiz Matrix screen. Once the System Tools screen appears, click on the Mass Clone Tool.
  2. The following details are changed on the Mass Clone Tool screen:
    1. Asset to clone: the Article Template is selected as the Asset to clone.
    2. Number of clones to create: as the user needs to create five additional pages, 5 is entered into this field.
    3. Parent for new clones: as the new assets need to be created under the News page, this asset is selected as the Parent for new clones.
  3. Once the necessary fields have been filled out, the Commit button is clicked. A HIPO job will start up asking you to confirm that you want to clone the assets. Click on the Next >> button. The HIPO job will continue to run.
  4. Once the HIPO job is completed, the cloned assets appear under the News page.

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