Bug Fixes

  • #10493 - Errors from merging "Enforce Safe Trash?" settings between multiple groups
  • #10719 - Google Analytics View attribute keywords not working
  • #11272 - Asset Map bug- Cannot read property '0'
  • #11284 - Page contents incorrectly getting cascaded status change when parent asset status change prevented
  • #11288 - Changes to Select type metadata fields in Safe Edit are visible Live
  • #11329 - Trigger throwing undefined index notices
  • #11336 - Global keywords don't work on remap manager 404 page with a design applied
  • #11350 - JS_API breaks in IE11 due to "Promise" references (which breaks Edit+)
  • #11356 - Performance issue in Remap Manager details screen
  • #11358 - Image preview in bulk uploads in Edit+ is hidden

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