Matrix SQL Client

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2015

The matrixsqlclient.php script initiates an interactive database terminal in PHP to run commands against Oracle databases and can be used an alternative to SQL*Plus.

This script is located in the /scripts directory and requires only one parameter, the system root.

An example usage of this script is shown below:

$ php matrixsqlclient.php [system_root]
Welcome to matrixsqlclient (version 1.01, r108), the interactive database terminal in PHP.

You are now connected.
Database type: oci.

localhost/matrix=# select * from sq_ast_attr_val where assetid = '7';
 assetid | attrid | contextid | custom_val | use_default  
 7       | 672    | 0         | Public     | 1            
 7       | 676    | 0         | User       | 1            
(2 rows)

localhost/matrix=# \timing
Timing is on
localhost/matrix=# select count(*) from sq_internal_msg:
 count (*)
(1 row)

Time:  2329.879 ms


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