Exit Design Area

Last Updated: 17 Apr 2017

The Exit design area tells the system to stop printing the remaining content of the Design parse file at the point where the Exit design area is rendered. This design area can be used in conjunction with other design areas using Condition set variables. For example, the Easy Edit Suite interface uses this design area within a Show If design area using the simple_edit_mode condition. An example of this is shown  below:

<MySource_AREA id_name="exit_area" design_area="exit" print="no"></MySource_AREA>

<MySource_AREA id_name="simple_edit_EES" design_area="show_if">
<MySource_SET name="condition" value="simple_edit_mode" />

  [EES code]

<MySource_PRINT id_name="exit_area" />

 [FRONT END code] 

When this design is viewed in _edit mode, the Show If condition will be met and the design will be parsed up to the point where the Exit design area has been printed. If the Show If condition is not met, the design will print the front end design code as normal.

The code that is required for the Exit Design Area is shown below.

<MySource_AREA id_name="exit_area" design_area="exit" />

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