Standard Page

Last Updated: 04 Feb 2017

The following keyword replacements can be used on a Standard Page.

Keyword Replacement Information shown
%asset_attribute_comments% This will print all of the comment data in a JSON array sourced from all WYSIWYG Content Containers that are part of the Standard Page. The keyword can also be used on individual Content Containers.
%asset_variations% Prints an array of all Variations on the page including information about each variation such as asset ID, asset name, array of Persona asset IDs assigned, and if it's the default variation (true or false).
%asset_variations_content% Prints an array of all the Variations and their contents. You can then use a ^index keyword modifier to print the contents of a specific Variation. Note that this keyword can only be used outside of a Standard Page, for example in a Paint Layout, as it will print the contents of itself.

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