Bug Fixes

  • #73 - Manually adding ./?a= remaps into the remap manager throws Matrix Warning saying URL is not valid
  • #79 - In Page remote content validating the response url with white list url should handle both with and without protocol.
  • #82 - menu_normal design area appends an extra mysource_divider when asset excluded/included asset types is used
  • #83 - Clicking into a related asset metadata field doesn't uncheck the "Use default" checkbox when used in Content Templates
  • #85 - Receipt Recipient Question on Email Options screen on Custom Forms needs better validation and support
  • #86 - Morphing of an asset should be restricted when it's in Safe Edit or in a Workflow Process
  • #87 - Settings can't be changed on an asset with Workflow unless you put it into Safe Edit first
  • #108 - %asset_sibling_next/prev_type_2% throws PHP Notice errors and produce incorrect results
  • #112 - Asset Updated trigger event evaluate asset_url keyword incorrectly when status status is changed
  • #134 - Performance issue in expanding LDAP user group in LDAP_Bridge::getParents()
  • #136 - Keywords used in container will try and get replaced even if  Disable Keywords is enabled
  • #143 - The Request Body field on a REST asset interface should use Ace Code editor in read only mode as well
  • #186 - Custom form emails screen fields doesn't handle diacritics well
  • #252 - has_children design menu setting on Designs only works for 1 level down
  • #254 - Bulk file upload elements in Edit+  are cut off on smaller screens
  • #273 - Custom Form File Question field file renaming option fails if the web path already exists
  • #286 - LDAP backend user cannot use "morph asset" option in the settings screen
  • #291 - Unable to upload .twbx files to Matrix
  • #293 - Cancelling safe edit on paint layout makes changes public
  • #296 - Keyword modifiers and conditional keywords don't evaluate correctly for image varieties
  • #302 - Recurring Calendar Event Asset shows instance keywords when on the details screen when you don't have the locks in Admin
  • #323 - KML file assets mime type mismatch
  • #330 - Bodycopy's Up For Review -> Safe Edit transition not creating all system version files

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