Last Updated: 21 Feb 2017

This manual is designed for non-technical users and provides detailed explanations of the fundamental principals of Squiz Matrix. It is recommended that first time users of Squiz Matrix read this manual first, before reading any of the other manuals listed on this site.

The core aspects of Squiz Matrix that are discussed in this manual include the following:

  • Concise summaries of the basic concepts used, such as designs, assets, users and permissions, and workflow.
  • The interfaces that are available, their roles and the features and functions utilised by each.
  • How assets are maintained; adding and deleting assets, as well as how to link, clone and move assets throughout the system.
  • How content is added to a page and the different containers of content that can be configured.
  • The management of trashed assets within the system and the Safe Trash options at your disposal.
  • The role of keyword replacements, global keyword replacements, and keyword modifiers and a list of the basic asset keyword replacements that are available.