• #495 - Better handling of exporting of large sets of remaps to CSV for the remap manager
  • #505 - Add client side validation pattern for asset picker input fields
  • #510 - Add data attribute to template tags that show all assigned personas for that variation
  • #536 - Add ID attributes for form field and section wrapper elements
  • #591 - Make test DB preparation more robust

Bug Fixes

  • #367 - Setting select field as Required on Custom Forms in Edit+ doesn't actually make the field required
  • #489 - Left-side nav not working after regenerating main parse file
  • #498 - Assets already in trash shouldn't have menu item links to create "new child" or "move to trash".
  • #534 - Multi related asset metadata field add button doesn't disappear once max limit reached
  • #541 - Some keywords don't work on the grouping format bodycopy on listing assets
  • #542 - Cascading option interface is not displayed when moving the assets
  • #552 - Using custom validation rule on Form or Step REST submission action throws PHP Strict Standards warning
  • #558 - Saving the Settings screen on a file asset throws incorrect mysource notice about morphing
  • #561 - Colour contrast issue on Asset Map trash asset modal
  • #568 - Custom required error message on file upload fields on Custom Forms escapes HTML tags
  • #575 - Single related asset metadata fields should not print the drag handle HTML element
  • #577 - Approve and Make live status throwing notices
  • #578 - Uploading XML file fails in File Upload question form
  • #579 - Custom Form breaks when resubmitting the form with an Upload Question
  • #580 - Client/Server side evaluation settings on Persona assets look like they are enabled when they're not
  • #583 - Incorrect message when purging a selected root node in the Trash
  • #608 - Metadata Value Updated test fails with change to 2019

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