Asset Version History

Last Updated: 02 Dec 2022


The Asset Version History extension is a Matrix package that provides an interface for viewing the version history of an Asset, including its standard fields, attributes, and metadata.


Read the following prerequisites and information before installing and using the Asset Version History.

Key package information

Minimum supported Matrix version

Extension type

Matrix package

Extension version


Installation method

.tgz archive


Admin mode

Installing the extension

This extension is installed using the Matrix package installation process.

You can download the extension package from the Asset Version History Squiz Marketplace listing.

See Matrix Packages for basic installation instructions. Please note that this package requires all 3 installation steps to be run.

cd /var/www/squiz_matrix/

sudo -u apache php install/step_01.php $PWD

sudo -u apache php install/step_02.php $PWD

sudo -u apache php install/step_03.php $PWD

Using the extension

Whenever a Matrix Asset version is incremented, the Asset Version History extension takes a snapshot of the state of the Asset at that point of time, including its standard fields, attributes, and metadata.

The 100 most recent version snapshots will be retained. The oldest snapshot for an asset will be dropped if this limit is reached.

You can view an Asset’s version history by navigating to the Version History screen of the Asset.

A list of the available version history allows you to select which version you want to view a snapshot of.

Managing the extension


The extension is enabled with default settings after installation, and no further configuration is required.

Configuration changes can be made by editing the <matrix_root>/data/private/conf/asset_version_history/config.php file.

The following configuration options may be changed



Provides a way to enable or disable the extension. This will stop further version history data from being collected, however, it will not disable the Version History screen.





Sets a limit on how many versions of an asset are kept.1000 -  999999


Upgrading this extension follows the same procedure as the installation process.


To uninstall this extension, you need to have both Matris System Administrator and command-line access to your Matrix instance.

  1. Log in to Matrix as a system administrator and access admin mode
  2. Follow the regular package uninstallation steps described in Matrix Package Management.
  3. To remove all asset version history data, drop the sq_ast_vers_history table from your database.
  4. Delete the configuration directory located at <matrix_root>/data/private/conf/asset_version_history.