• #10792 - Remove check spelling plugin in classic WYSIWYG

Bug Fixes

  • #9888 - Quick Search: ignore query params and Matrix suffixes when searching by URL
  • #10326 - Some fields that are root-user only in System Configuration can still be changed but not saved by Sys Admin users
  • #10514 - Color classes for translated interfaces are broken
  • #10529 - JSON Datasource does not parse arrays over 10 objects
  • #10574 - Logs show trigger commits when viewing logs
  • #10640 - Personas should be ordered alphabetically and Variation name doesn't get updated if name and selected personas change at the same time
  • #10643 - Direction property setting in Edit+ gets saved but not reflected in the popup after save
  • #10665 - Server-side JavaScript can run out-of-sequence
  • #10725 - %frontend_asset_% keywords should refer to the Page Not Found asset on 404 pages
  • #10749 - "Asset Map Root Asset" global config option not working
  • #10750 - Cannot re-order, move or clone metadata fields in the asset map
  • #10764 - Preview in new window doesn't find URL on site assets
  • #10780 - Future Status does not work with Workflow Approved to Go Live -> Live status transitions
  • #10781 - %metadata_field_% keyword breaks when using ^date_format modifier with spaces
  • #10801 - Cannot upload some file types like dotx, xltx, potx, ppsx
  • #10803 - PHP notice "Undefined value" is thrown when trying to save the content in bodycopy div in safe edit mode.
  • #10810 - Up For Review status can completely bypass Workflow, if user has Admin permission
  • #10820 - Metadata Schema is not removed or applied to Formats folders under Listing assets

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