Ace Code Editor

Last Updated: 30 Apr 2017

This entire manual refers to a feature that was added in version

Ace is an embeddable code editor written in JavaScript. It matches the features and performance of native editors such as Sublime, Vim and TextMate.

The Ace Code Editor is included with the installation of Edit+ on your Squiz Matrix system. It is also the code editor powering the Source Code View tool in the Edit+ WYSIWYG editor.

As of version of Squiz Matrix, the Ace Editor functionality has also been added to the Admin Interface for many content editable areas that let you edit raw code such as JS, CSS, XML and HTML.

If Edit+ is installed and available on your Squiz Matrix system, you will be able to use the Ace Code Editor in various code editing interfaces such as:

  • Text Based File Assets: Available on text based File assets (such as Text, CSS, JS, XML, XSL) that let you edit their contents on their Edit Contents screen.
  • Design & CSS Design Asset: Available on the Edit Parse File screen.
  • Raw HTML Content Type: Available on Content Container asset that is using the Raw HTML Content Type.
  • And more.

In the interfaces and screens where the Ace Code Editor is available, there will be a toggle option for switching between the Ace Code Editor and a raw textarea field.

Ace Editor
The Code Editor and Raw Text Editor Toggle

For more information on what features are available within the Ace Code Editor, please refer to the official Ace Code Editor website.

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