Paint Layouts

Last Updated: 04 Jan 2016

The following keyword replacements can be used on a Paint Layout.

Page Contents Bodycopy
Keyword Replacement Information shown
%paint_layout%  The layout that has been defined in the Type Formats.  
Type Format Bodycopy

For a full list of the keyword replacements that can be used on the Default Format Bodycopy, refer to the Common Keywords. Listed below are the additional keyword replacements available for use.

Keyword Replacement Information shown
%asset_lineage%  The path of where the asset exists in the system.  
%asset_lineage_linked%  The path of where the asset exists in the system. Each asset in the path is hyperlinked.  
%asset_contents%  The content of the asset that the Paint Layout has been applied to.  
%asset_contents_paint_X%This will show the content of the asset and include the User-Defined Paint Layout that has been specified in the keyword replacement, either by Layout Code or asset ID. The can be useful, for example, when using Conditional Keywords to print the content of an assets with an alternate Paint Layout based on the specified conditions.

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