Last Updated: 09 Feb 2018

The Thesaurus is an application that lists a database of terms. Thesaurus Terms can be stand-alone terms or terms linked to one another with relations. A Thesaurus may be used in conjunction with other assets such as a metadata schema, or as a database of terms for reference purposes.

The relation between the Thesaurus and the Thesaurus Term
The relation between the Thesaurus and Thesaurus Term

The system consists of two major components:

  • Thesaurus: the Thesaurus asset allows the creation of a database of terms, listed in groups of related concepts.
  • Thesaurus Term: terms can be added to the Thesaurus and linked together with relations.

The Thesaurus assets can be used for a variety of functions such as:

  • Applying metadata
  • Creating Related Asset Listings
  • Synonym searching
  • Abbreviation expansion

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