Last Updated: 09 Feb 2018

The SharePoint package allows you to connect Squiz Matrix to a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server System. By using the Sharepoint Connector, a SharePoint bridge can be created that can send, receive and manage the SharePoint records and their attachments. Sharepoint Saved Searches can be created, saving and updating results from the SharePoint System, determined by set search criteria. With these functions, Squiz Matrix can work closely in conjunction with a SharePoint System, for full access and control of the stored records and their attachments.

The SharePoint Package Overview
The SharePoint package

The SharePoint package consists of two major components:

  • Sharepoint Connector: the Sharepoint Connector asset can be configured to connect to a SharePoint System, creating a SharePoint bridge allowing easy management of the SharePoint records. This SharePoint bridge allows the use of the Sharepoint Saved Search asset and other SharePoint functionalities. Multiple Sharepoint Connectors can be created to link to more than one SharePoint system or to create different access privileges for different users.
  • Sharepoint Saved Search: the Sharepoint Saved Search asset creates a saved set of SharePoint search criteria in Squiz Matrix, creating a set of results that are stored and updated on the system. These results can be used with other Squiz Matrix assets to provide additional SharePoint functionalities.

Other Squiz Matrix assets can be used in conjunction with the SharePoint package, providing functions such as:

  • E-Form: a Custom Form can be configured as an E-Form, submitting list items to the SharePoint System via the Sharepoint Connector.
  • SharePoint Record Listing: an Asset Listing can be used to list the results of a Sharepoint Saved Search and allow users to download attachments of the listed records.

Squiz Matrix's SharePoint Package currently only supports Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013.