• #105 - Screen short-cuts with auto scroll to a field or section on a page
  • #133 - Auto-height textarea fields in Admin
  • #307 - Add client side validation to Search And Replace tool

Bug Fixes

  • #96 - Bringing an asset out of safe-edit with old metadata
  • #170 - Trying to clone an asset underneath itself using the Asset Map throws error
  • #189 - If the ViperTableEditor-toolbar is too close to the top / bottom of table, it stops the Insert line tool
  • #203 - Remove old bodycopy asset table PHP files
  • #233 - Moving the Page Contents asset under its dependent parent throws Asset Map error
  • #248 - Asset map root node selector should open the root node relative to the domain you enter /_admin on
  • #269 - Observable Event JS error in WYSIWYG insert link popup
  • #278 - Change the remaining old warning styles to the new ones
  • #279 - Section keywords in Simple Edit Keyword popup tool are uppercase
  • #280 - Steal locks popup content is too wide for the window
  • #302 - Recurring Calendar Event Asset shows instance keywords when on the details screen when you don't have the locks in Admin
  • #313 - Acquire/Release locks button acting bit janky when running HIPO in web mode
  • #314 - Error when handling Observable Events in popup window
  • #322 - Backend UI logout button not working if current URL has some URL queries
  • #328 - Undefined constant in Internal_Message class.
  • #342 - SOAP Data Source asset is broken
  • #349 - Swap Persona with Variation Checkbox throws error
  • #352 - Approve and Make Live shouldn't be an option for a user without Admin Access
  • #360 - expandOptionList() function in edit.js adds new fields but up/down & delete buttons don't function properly
  • #369 - Can not steal locks in 5-5

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