Import Tools Manager

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2019

The Import Tools Manager allows you set up default values for the  Structured File Import Tool and the Export Files tool. For more information, refer to the Tools manual.

The Import Tools Manager is located in the System Manager Folder in the Asset Map.

Details Screen

Structure File Import Tool Settings

This section allows you to set up default values for the Structured File Import Tool.

  • Import Directory: the default directory on the server where the files to import are located. This is configured in the system's file, located in the /data/private/conf directory.
  • Maximum File Size: enter the maximum file size in bytes that can be imported into the system. By default this is set to 0 meaning that there is no limit.
  • Heading Selection Defaults: select which headings in the document to use in the structure of the assets. By default, H1 and H2 are selected meaning that only heading one and two will be used.
  • Create CSS File: select whether or not to create a CSS file for the documents that are imported.
  • Select HTML File to Upload: this field allows you to upload a file to import into the directory that is specified in the Import Directory field. You can then use the Structured File Import Tool to import this file into Squiz Matrix.

CMS File Export Settings

This section allows you to set up default values for the Export File Tool.

  • Server Export Name: enter the default name to use for the file that contains the exported files.
  • Server Export Directory: enter the default directory where the file that contains the exported files will be stored.

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