Last Updated: 03 Feb 2018


The Image Content Type allows you insert an image as a new division on the page. Unlike the WYSIWYG Editor, this division does not let you wrap content around the image;any other page content will be displayed as Divisions above and below the image.

When the Content Type for a Division is set to Image, the fields shown in the figure below will be appear.

The Image Content Type
The Image Content Type

You can configure the Division through the following fields:

  • Image: select an Image asset within Squiz Matrix to use as content on the page. For more information on how to create Image assets, refer to the Core Assets manual.
  • Caption: enter a caption for the image. This can either be a new caption, manually inputted in this field, or the Caption attribute of the selected Image asset. To use the Caption attribute, select the Use Image Caption Attribute field.
  • Caption Position: select whether to show the Caption at the Top or Bottom of the image.
  • Dimensions: these fields allow you to change the size of the image.
    • Width: enter the width of the image. By default this value is 400.
    • Height: enter the height of the image. By default this value is 400.
    • Constrain Proportions: check this box to specify that the proportions should be constrained. By default this option is selected.
    • Shrink/Stretch to Dimensions: check this box to specify that the image should be shrunk or stretched to the dimensions. By default this option is selected.
  • On Clicking: select what happens when a user clicks on the image. The options available are: No Action, Open Image in New Window, Open Image in Current Window and Open Inline Image Preview.
  • HTML Layout: select whether to wrap the image in<table> or <div> tags in the HTML source code of the page. By default this is set to <table>.

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