Verifying a User's Email Address

Last Updated: 30 Apr 2016

If a user's email is being used to sync with Marketo, or being used as the lead key to retrieve data, it is important to ensure that the email is verified or from a trusted email source.

To verify a user's email address, create a Send Email form submission action or trigger action and configure it to send an email to the user. In the content of the email, provide the user with a link to verify their email address. This link should have a URL parameter, as follows:


The email_verification_token parameter will be replaced with a unique token. When the user clicks the link in this email, their email address will be verified for the session.

The verified email address can be printed using the following global keyword replacement:

  • %globals_verified_email%

Please note that a verified email is only temporarily stored in the session. If permanent storage is required, a trigger action can be configured to set this value in the metadata of the user.

Once a user's email is verified, Squiz Matrix will automatically detect it when calling the Sync Lead and Get Lead actions and a Marketo cookie will not be required to be set.

Alternatively, a trusted email source can be specified when configuring the Sync Lead and Get Lead APIs on the Details screen of the Marketo Bridge. This will provide an extra email address source if a verified email is not available.

For example, using the %globals_user_attribute_email% keyword will use the email attribute of the user as the lead key for the Sync Lead and Get Lead processes.