Safe Trash

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2015

Safe Trash is a protection feature that stops users from deleting an asset if it is Live or has Notice Links to it from other assets. For example, if you were to try to delete a PDF File that has been linked to another asset, Safe Trash will prevent the deletion; thus, preventing a broken link in your Site.

Enabling Safe Trash

By default, Safe Trash is disabled for a system. To enable Safe Trash for all users, go to the Global Preferences screen in the System Configuration section. Under the User Preferences section, check the Safe Trash option, as shown in the figure below.

The Safe Trash option on the Global Preferences screen

This option is also available on the Preferences screen for a User Group or Role. This means that you can enable and disable Safe Trash for certain users instead of all users in the system.

Deleting an Asset with Safe Trash

When you try to delete an asset that is Live or has Notice Links, the system will stop the process and the HIPO Job will inform the user that they cannot delete the asset, as shown in the figure below.

The Safe Trash HIPO Job

If you click Next >> without selecting the Mark Assets for Future Trashing option, the asset will not be deleted.

Marking Assets for Future Trashing

When you delete an asset, you have an option on the HIPO Job to mark the asset for future trashing, as shown in the figure below.

The Mark Assets for Future Trashing option  

If you select this option and click Next >>, Squiz Matrix will create a Scheduled Job that will check the Safe Trash conditions for the asset each time the Scheduled Jobs Manager is run. In other words, it will check that the Status is correct and all Notice Links have been deleted. Once these conditions are met, Squiz Matrix will trash the asset.

Safe Trash Status Section on the Details Screen

When an asset is marked for trash, the Safe Trash Status section appears on the Details screen of the asset, as shown in the figure below.

The Safe Trash Status section on the Details screen 

This section informs users that the asset has been marked for trash, outlining the Safe Trash conditions that need to be met before it can be trashed.

Stopping an Asset from being Deleted

Once an asset has been marked for trash, to stop it from being deleted, go to the View Jobs screen of the Scheduled Jobs Manager. A Scheduled Job for the Safe Trash attempt will be listed in the Every Time section, as highlighted in the figure below.

The Safe Trash Scheduled Job

Click the Delete check box for the job and click Commit. The asset will no longer be marked for trash.

Safe Trash Report

The Safe Trash Report lists the assets that have been marked for trash. For more information about this report, refer to the Reports manual.

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