Shadow Assets

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2015

Example shadow assets
Example shadow assets

Shadow assets will be created by a number of assets in the data package. These shadow assets will appear in the Asset Map once you have entered the required details for the asset. For example, once you have entered the SQL query for the DB Data Source, shadow assets will appear under the DB Data Source in the Asset Map, as shown in the figure to the right. Each shadow asset represents a record from the CSV file, RSS feed, SQL query or XML feed.

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  1. Details Screen

Details Screen

The Details screen of a shadow asset allows you to view the details of the asset. For more information about the Status, Future Status and Thumbnail sections of the Details screen see the Details Screen chapter in the Asset Screen manual.

User Details

This section outlines the details of the record that was returned for the CSV file, RSS feed, SQL query or XML wizard. For example, in the figure shown below, the details of the DIV Content asset is shown.

User Details section
 The details of the shadow asset

These details include the standard name of the asset type, the type code of the asset and the number of this type of asset. This information is being supplied through the SQL query that was entered for a DB Data Source. As each record will provide a different set of information, what appears in the section of the Details screen will vary.


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