Renaming an Asset

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2015

When you create an asset, the name you enter into the Page Name field is used for the Page NamePage Short Name and Web Path. For example, if you create a Standard Page called Contact Us the Page Name will be Contact Us; the Page Short Name will be Contact Us; and the Web Path of the asset will be where is the URL of the Site.

If you misspell the name of the asset or you want to rename the asset, you can change any or all of these values. For example, if you misspell the name of your page, you can change the Page Name, Page Short Name and Web Path to the correct designation.

If you have a page called Squiz Matrix Concepts Manual, instead of having a long Web Path you can change the Web Path to be Concepts. You could also change the Page Short Name to be Concepts Manual.

The Page Name and Page Short Name fields are available on the Details screen of an asset. The Web Path field is available on the Web Path screen of an asset. For more information on these screens, refer to the Asset Screens manual.

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