Release Information

Outlined below are the release dates for both previous and upcoming versions of Squiz Matrix.

Release notes for previous versions of Squiz Matrix can be viewed, detailing any new features, enhancements and bug fixes introduced in these releases.

Squiz Matrix uses four version numbers, MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO.PATCH (e.g. Squiz Matrix, which are incremented as follows:

  • MAJOR - Major and significant changes to the core of the product and interface.
  • MINOR - Big new features and enhancements.
  • MICRO - Bug fixes, new features, enhancements that either require a website downtime, editing freeze, server software restart or any install scripts to be run.
  • PATCH - Bug fixes, new features, enhancements that are a simple drop in replacement of files and easily reversible.

Release Notes Generator

Select the version you are currently on and the version you are upgrading to and click "View". This will generate a list release notes for all releases between those two versions in a print friendly format.

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VersionDateType Jun 2020Patch Apr 2020Patch Mar 2020Patch Feb 2020Patch Feb 2020Micro Dec 2019Patch Dec 2019Micro Oct 2019Patch Oct 2019Patch 07 Oct 2019Micro 27 Aug 2019Patch 05 Aug 2019Patch Jul 2019Patch Jun 2019Micro May 2019Patch Apr 2019Patch Mar 2019Patch Mar 2019Micro Mar 2019Patch Mar 2019Patch 07 Feb 2019Patch Feb 2019Patch Jan 2019Patch Jan 2019Patch 09 Jan 2019 Patch 12 Dec 2018 Micro 05 Nov 2018 Patch 22 Oct 2018 Patch 21 Sep 2018 Minor


VersionDateType 15 Oct 2018 Patch 20 Aug 2018 Micro 24 Jul 2018 Patch 18 Jun 2018 Micro 01 Jun 2018 Patch 28 May 2018 Patch 03 Apr 2018 Patch 26 Mar 2018 Micro 12 Mar 2018 Patch 21 Feb 2018 Patch 29 Jan 2018 Micro Nov 2017Patch Oct 2017Micro Sep 2017Patch Aug 2017Patch Aug 2017Patch Jul 2017Micro Apr 2017Patch Mar 2017Patch Mar 2017Patch Feb 2017Micro Jan 2017Patch Jan 2017Patch Dec 2016Patch Nov 2016Minor

For older versions and release notes, please see the Archived Releases page.

Supported Versions

Each release branch of Squiz Matrix is fully supported for three years from its initial stable release. During this period, bugs and security issues that have been reported are fixed and are either released in new versions or provided as patches for Squiz customers.

Once a new branch is released and actively maintained, the previous branch ceases to get new version releases. However it will remain in security support until it's three year period ends.

Once the three years of support are completed, the branch reaches its end of life and is no longer supported.

Currently supported branches:

  • 5.5 - Actively supported. Reported bugs and security issues are fixed and regular releases with new features and enhancements are made.
  • 5.4 - Supported for critical bugs and security issues only. Releases are only made on an as-needed basis.

Unsupported versions:

  • 5.0 - 5.3 - No longer supported. Users of this version should upgrade as soon as possible.

Table of all Squiz Matrix 5 supported and unsupported versions:

Branch Initial Release Last Release Support Until
5.5 21 Sep 2018 TBA 21 Sep 2021
5.4 23 Nov 2016 15 Oct 2018 23 Nov 2020
5.3 02 Nov 2015 28 Aug 2017 02 Nov 2018
5.2 13 Apr 2015 23 Nov 2016 13 Apr 2018
5.1 01 Sep 2014 02 Nov 2015 01 Sep 2017
5.0 28 Apr 2014 13 Apr 2015 28 Apr 2017


  • 15/08/19 - The support for version 5.4 has been extended by 12 months to allow users more time to upgrade to version 5.5+.

The Latest


Date Version
09 Jun 20205.5.6.4
22 Apr 20205.5.6.3
19 Mar 20205.5.6.2
28 Feb 20205.5.6.1
14 Feb 20205.5.6.0
19 Dec 20195.5.5.1
02 Dec 20195.5.5.0
17 Oct 20195.5.4.2

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