Keyboard Shortcuts

Last Updated: 18 Jan 2019

This chapter outlines the keyword shortcuts available within the Squiz Matrix interface, including shortcuts for the Matrix WYSIWYG Editor.

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  1. Squiz Matrix Interface Shortcuts
  2. WYSIWYG Editor Shortcuts

Squiz Matrix Interface Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Click the Acquire Lock(s) button. Alt + A Ctrl + Opt + A
Click the Release Lock(s) button. Alt + R Ctrl + Opt + R
Click the Commit button. Chrome and Internet Explorer
Alt + S
Alt + Shift + S
Ctrl + Opt + S
Click the Next button for a HIPO Job. Alt + N Ctrl + Opt + N
Increase the size of the text in the Asset Map or the Editing Screen. Ctrl + Shift + Plus Ctrl + Shift + Plus
Decrease the size of the text in the Asset Map or the Editing Screen. Ctrl + Shift + Minus Ctrl + Shift + Minus
Jump to an asset in the Asset Map. First letter of the asset name First letter of the asset name
Move up the Asset Map. Up arrow Up arrow
Move down the Asset Map. Down arrow Down arrow
Expand the assets in the Asset Map. Right arrow Right arrow
Collapse the assets in the Asset Map. Left arrow Left arrow

WYSIWYG Editor Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Select all text in the WYSIWYG Editor. Ctrl + A Ctrl + A
Apply Heading 1-6
(Note: this only works in applying them. It does not remove already existing headings).
Ctrl + (1-6) Ctrl + (1-6)
Strike-through text. Ctrl + S Ctrl + S
Left align the text. Ctrl + L Ctrl + N
Center align the text. Ctrl + E Ctrl + E
Right align the text. Ctrl + R Ctrl + R
Justify the text. Ctrl + J Ctrl + J
Open the Insert Link pop-up. Ctrl + K Ctrl + K
Toggle Visual Aid plug-in. Ctrl + M Ctrl + M
Toggle b/w Definition Term and Definition Description (only after Insert Definition Term/Description toolbar button has been pressed). Ctrl + D Ctrl + D

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