Minor Enhancements

  • #9401 - Make Git File Bridge follow HTTP proxy settings
  • #11708 - New standard for password fields in Admin interface
  • #11721 - Secure flag for Session Cookies should be set to Yes by default
  • #11782 - Add hash symbol back into the asset tag
  • #11789 - Show warnings for use of HTTPS checkout on Git Bridge details screen

Bug Fixes

  • #11619 - date_format keyword modifier should only treat values as UNIX Timestamp if they are at least 9 integer characters long
  • #11636 - Cloning a Search Folder asset attempts to clone results, fails
  • #11659 - Adding, updating, and deleting content containers on Standard Pages trigger asset updated event inconsistently
  • #11722 - In admin(_admin), the Edit+ WYSIWYG Editor Preferences under global preferences are not followed when editing a metadata wysiwyg field.
  • #11734 - Setting Default on Metadata fields does not evaluate Metadata Field Updated or Metadata Value on trigger conditions
  • #11739 - Title on Active Locks screen incorrectly says "Global Preferences"
  • #11755 - Asset map name search functionality doesn't search for lower case
  • #11759 - Rename file name on custom form file upload field doesn't work on files with uppercase extensions
  • #11766 - Using $1 in ^replace modifier can cause PHP syntax errors
  • #11768 - Only some of the password rules config screen can be edited by a system admin
  • #11771 - Clean up Google Analytics screens when there is no initial data yet fetched
  • #11772 - Creating a trigger with a category or sub-category name with integer only throws the fatal error.
  • #11787 - Fatal db error thrown if Internal Message field "subject" exceeds 255 characters limit
  • #11791 - Backend users should be able to view assets in the Trash
  • #11796 - Cannot Reenable Customised Bodycopy of Custom Form Section
  • #11797 - "If the asset is the first/last on the page" Keyword Selector in Asset Listing generates wrong keyword
  • #11799 - Cancelling Safe Edit on a Standard Page that has a changed nested content container makes the content not render
  • #11805 - Fix the individual goals listing on the Goals screen of Edit+ Analytics
  • #11804 - Type checking missing on Nest Content Arbitrary Paint Layout chooser
  • #11810 - Typo in PayWay payment gateway available keywords dropdown

The Latest

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