Password Reset Page

Last Updated: 30 Aug 2017

The following keyword replacements can be used on a Password Reset Page.

Password Reset Email

Within the fields that are available in the Request Validation section of the Details screen, you can use any of the keyword replacements that are available for the user assets. For example, if you want to show the username of the account in the Body of the email, you can use the keyword replacement %asset_attribute_username%.

Additional, the keyword replacement %password_reset_url% is also available. This keyword replacement will include a hyperlink to the Reset Bodycopy where the user can enter a new password. Without this hyperlink the user will not be able to reset their password.

Password Reset Bodycopy
Keyword ReplacementInformation Shown
%password_reset_error%This will a message indicating that there was an error with the password reset request.
%password_reset_error_list%This will show a list of the errors for the failed password reset request.
%username_input%This will show a text field where the user can specify the username of the account they want to reset the password for.
%password_input%This will show two fields side by side where the user can enter their new password into the first field and confirm it in the second field.
%password_new%This will show a field where the user can enter their new password. If you use this keyword replacement, you also need to use the keyword replacement Input field for the Confirmation of the new password so the user can confirm their new password.
%password_confirmation%This will show the second password field where the user confirms their password.
%submit_button%This will print the Submit button for the form.

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