Matrix Keyword Helper

Last Updated: 05 Apr 2022


The Matrix keyword helper extension lets you search for available Matrix keywords right from your browser.

The Matrix Keyword Helper is an extension that allows you to search for available Matrix keywords and keyword snippets by using Funnelback to collate results from the Matrix Manuals. Access to the public internet is required to use this tool. You do not need a Funnelback instance to use this extension.


Read the following prerequisites and information before installing and using the Matrix keyword helper extension.

Supported Matrix version


Extension type


Extension version1.5

Installation method

Browser bookmark


To install and use in your browser, copy and paste this code into the URL field of the Add bookmark menu in your web browser.


You can also drag the following link to your bookmarks bar to install the Matrix keyword helper.



You can launch the Matrix keyword helper when you have an internet connection.

  1. Click on the bookmark in your browser to load the keyword helper search box.

    Keyword helper bookmarklet

    Drag and move the keyword helper search to any location on your screen that suits you. 

  2. To start searching for keywords, enter at least three characters into the search box.

    Keyword helper bookmarket with results for "work"

The results list provides a brief description and lets you copy the keyword.

You can also click the link on the bottom right of each result to load the full documentation page on the Matrix Manuals site.


You can manage versions of this extension by upgrading or uninstalling the bookmarklet.


You can upgrade the extension by deleting your existing Matrix keyword helper bookmark and following the installation steps again.


You can uninstall this extension by deleting the Matrix Keyword Helper bookmark from your browser.