Bug Fixes

  • #8266 - Customised Sub-Menu Disappearing
  • #10728 - Global keywords in nested standard page in design on redirect page in Edit mode don't get replaced
  • #11030 - %nested_get_*% don't get sanitised like globals_get keywords do
  • #11086 - Disabled context option crash metadata screen in Edit+
  • #11104 - New divs should receive the permissions of the page they're under when created during edit
  • #11111 - Cannot upload Microsoft Outlook's msg file
  • #11132 - Invalid unrestricted image variety URL in a system with static URL set
  • #11138 - Allow using memcache via a socket
  • #11141 - Trigger dates are not working in 5-4-2-0
  • #11147 - Multiple SSJS blocks rendering depends on existence of empty line in script tag.
  • #11163 - OAuth2 Client doesn't work properly with responses sent through a proxy
  • #11175 - REST "Matrix Cookie Passthrough" Authentication only works once per REST asset
  • #11190 - Insert link plugin in Viper doesn't allow anchor tags
  • #11192 - Image::assetExists() always returns TRUE of non-existent image varietary
  • #11218 - Multi-date Calendar Event not cascading metadata schema to child asset(instances).
  • #11227 - Edit+ search not working for asset ID search
  • #11230 - WYSIWYG toolbar becomes inactive after save on Contents screen on Custom Forms in Edit+

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