Last Updated: 09 Feb 2018

Triggers can be created within Squiz Matrix to automatically perform tasks for you.

Some common Triggers are:

  • Creating an image variety when an Image asset is created
  • Setting the Status of a user account to Live when it is created
  • Creating a Future Status job of Up For Review for a user account so that the user is forced to change their password
  • Releasing the locks that a user has on an asset when they log out of the system
  • Stopping an asset from being created within a section of the system
  • Clearing the cache of an asset when it has been changed
  • Emailing an administrator when a change has been made to an asset so that the foreign language version can be updated

Each Trigger is made up of three parts – an event, condition and action. An event defines the actions that the Trigger is “listening” for, for example when an asset is created or when the Status of an asset is changed. When this event occurs within the system, the Trigger is fired and the conditions are checked. These conditions need to be meet before the action is performed. For example, the asset being created must be an Image. The action is the task that you want the Trigger to perform automatically for you. For example, set the Status of an Image to Live. Each Trigger can be made up of a number of events, conditions and actions.