Google Analytics

Last Updated: 09 Feb 2018

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Google Analytics is a service by Google providing detailed statistics and analytical data about your websites. Squiz Matrix can integrate with Google Analytics to provide inline analytics data on your sites within the Matrix interface, including traffic and audience information.

Example Analytics Data
Example Analytics Data

The Google Analytics package consists of two major components:

  • Google Analytics Connector: establishes and maintains the connection to your Google Analytics application, in order to retrieve and manage the analytics data of your site.
  • Google Analytics View: represents a single view (profile) in your Google Analytics account. You can use this asset to display reports and summaries of the data of your site.

Integration with Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

Once a Google Analytics connection and authentication has been established, this connection can be used to communicate with your Edit+ for Squiz Matrix installation to provide analytics data for your site via the Analytics screen.

An Example of the Analytics Screen within the Edit  Interface
The Analytics screen

The data available on the Analytics screen is broken down into three sub-screens: SummaryTraffic and Audience. Each of these sub-screens contains a variety of widgets and reporting tools to present the large collection of analytics data being retrieved from Google Analytics.

For more information on the Analytics screen, refer to the Google Analytics Screen chapter in the Edit+ for Squiz Matrix manual.

For information on integrating Google Analytics with your Edit+ for Squiz Matrix installation, refer to the Setting up Google Analytics example in this manual.