This Bulkmail package has been deprecated in this version. Please refer to the official notice for more information on this deprecation.


Dynamic content improvements for Simple Edit


Several improvements have been made to the Simple Edit functionality in Matrix to support more dynamic content rendering while editing a page using the default /_edit interface.

Dynamic content rendered via ./?a= links, Matrix Keywords, and Server Side JS, will now all be processed in Simple Edit mode.

This enables more features for developers when creating and customising editing interfaces using the Simple Edit Layout asset. It also improves the inline-editing capabilities when editing content on a page using the default /_edit interface as any dynamic content and keywords found in the Design file will still be rendered in that mode.

User preference for toggling frontend error reporting


A new User Preference has been added that lets you control whether to see Matrix errors and warnings appear on the frontend or not.

Previously this setting could only be toggled at a system-wide level, which meant that is was mainly only enabled when there were no live websites in the Matrix system.

By moving this setting to a User Preference, you can now safely enable frontend error reporting without having it affected for any other users visiting and interacting with any sites in your Matrix instance.

Form Contents UI improvement


The UI of the Form Contents asset has been improved by splitting the editing of a form's settings and fields into separate screens.

Previously, all of the settings and form fields of a form were edited on a single big screen, making it hard to navigate and overwhelming to edit. Now, all of the settings of a form has been moved to the Details screen and the field and section editing left on the Form Contents screen.

Details ScreenForm Contents Screen

Other improvements

  • #151 - Update Polish translations for 5-5  
  • #480 - Description field on the Persona asset
  • #544 - Change default option for Overwrite Rule on Custom Form File Upload Fields to Rename Uploaded File  
  • #642 - Change term of "Commit" to "Save"
  • #662 - Remove unused PEAR dependencies
  • #675 - Improve and remove usage of php_includes directory
  • #679 - Refactor code around Simple Edit
  • #695 - Refactor top level dynamic content processing
  • #714 - Re-fix the issue - Container's "disable keywords" showing up in safe edit "diff" output


  • #671 - Mark Bulkmail Package as Deprecated
  • #594 - Remove Workspace Folder asset type

Bug fixes

  • #609 - Broken link for asset listing type asset in performance mode report
  • #672 - Matrix warns of unsaved changes on a page when no changes have been made
  • #683 - After IdP authentication Matrix ACS asset redirects to 404
  • #687 - Parameter map values in metadata fields don't get encoded
  • #702 - Insert keyword button is disabled when editing News Items in Edit+
  • #707 - Attribute Changed trigger condition doesn't pass on After Asset Attributes Updated trigger event
  • #718 - Going to /_admin on a URL doesn't open the relative path in the asset map
  • #723 - Clear Squid Cache tool requires asset to be selected when clearing a URL
  • #728 - Matrix install fails on PHP 7.3