New Features & Enhancements

Improved Custom Error and Log Handling Trigger Action

#6752 - Idea by David Cook

The Fail Trigger Action has been improved and renamed to be more flexible and easier to use.

The action is now called Trigger Log Message and now lets the user choose which log to log a custom message to when the trigger action is fired.

This action will no longer prevent any other actions in the Trigger from running if it's included. This is so that you can have subsequent actions such as Send Email whenever you want to trigger a custom log message.

You can still prevent the selected Trigger Event from running if the type of log message is set to Error and if the event is set to fire after the trigger is fired.

Asset and Global Keywords are now also supported in the log message.

Tagging and Commit ID Checkout Support for Git Bridge

#9092 - Idea by Phil Shakhovskoy

The Git File Bridge has been enhanced to allow you to checkout code from a tag or a commit ID.

Previously, only branches were supported.

This is useful if you want to manage your Git file updated using release tags rather than always pulling the latest code from a specific branch.

Asset Permission Info Keyword

#10876 - Idea by Phil Shakhovskoy

A new %asset_permissions_info% keyword has been added that prints out all of the Permission settings for an asset in a JSON array.

For example:


Allow Users to Approve and Make Live on Assets With Workflow


When editing an asset that is in Under Construction or Safe Edit,  you can make it Live with a single status change if you have Admin access to it, using the Approve and Make Live option.

Previously, this option wasn't available if the asset had a Workflow Schema applied to it, as you always had to first Approve the asset, and then make it Live. This was causing an unnecessary extra step if you just wanted to make publish the changes at the same time as you approved them.

Now, if you have access to make the asset Live, you can use the Approve and Make Live option even when the asset is in Workflow.

This option is also available to you if you are the approver of all Workflow steps when the asset is in Under Construction or Safe Edit.

Wider Support for E-Commerce Order Asset Keywords

#11469 - Idea by Joseph So

When using an E-Commerce Form Page, you can use several different keywords to print information about the order that has been processed such as %order_total% and %order_item_count%.

These keywords are now available to use outside of the E-Commerce Form Page, for example when listing Order assets using an Asset Listing or viewing them using a Paint Layout.

Google reCAPTCHA Control on Custom Forms in Edit+

#11554 - Idea by Phil Shakhovskoy

The Google reCAPTCHA feature that is available for Custom Form assets can now be controlled when editing the form in Edit+.

Custom Form Question Morphing


Asset Morphing support has been added to Form Questions for Custom Form assets.

Similar to the recently added Metadata Field Morphing feature, you can MorphForm Question by going to the Settings screen of it (requires Admin access to the asset), selecting a different type, and saving the screen.

Other Features & Enhancements

  • #10201 - Make re-order content container popup in Edit+ wider
  • #10395 - Ability to exclude root node assets in listing engine assets from being listed
  • #10664 - Low level curl errors are not very useful on REST assets
  • #10735 - Support JS API/Edit Plus on Matrix installs with a non standard port
  • #11139 - Update scripts to avoid hardcoded PHP path
  • #11198 - Allow Secure HTTP (HTTPS) for Static URL setting should be Yes by default
  • #11247 - Improve the UI of the clear Squid Cache tool
  • #11399 - Allow Thesaurus Term and Source Thesaurus to be saved at the same time in metadata field
  • #11542 - LDAP Bridge should clear its cache when linking its user/groups outside the bridge
  • #11590 - Enable GitLab webhook integration for the Git Bridge asset
  • #11600 - Permit more flexible deprecation messages
  • #11602 - Change TRIM asset map category name to "TRIM / HPRM"
  • #11621 - Increase width of name field for Online Quiz Multiple-Choice Question create screen
  • #11629 - Update Viper to latest code for
  • #11670 - Change save tick image in Edit+ after a save to not prevent user from editing the page
  • #11671 - Change Status Change trigger events to be more consistent with other before/after event names
  • #11674 - Remove status and future status sections from design customisations details screens
  • #11686 - Linking screen taking too long to load in the system with a very large link tree table


  • #11295 - Deprecate Thumbnail asset
  • #11421 - Deprecate FLV asset
  • #11423 - Merge XSL file with XML file
  • #11646 - Mark future removal of some design areas as deprecated
  • #11657 - Stage 1 deprecations for

Please see the Deprecations page for a full list of all past and future scheduled deprecations and removals.

Bug Fixes

  • #10742 - Search Page attribute field configuration shouldn't hard code attribute ids
  • #10789 - Viper: Last <br/> in an <li> is hidden by CSS
  • #11364 - Recurring Calendar Event allows recurring Until a date prior to the event date
  • #11365 - HIPOs storing the installation path in their hipo_vars
  • #11378 - Uncaught exceptions should go to STDERR on the CLI
  • #11394 - Git bridge unexpectedly does local merges
  • #11419 - If dynamically added to the System Admins group through a trigger, users lose access to themselves
  • #11454 - Changing an assets thumbnail while in safe edit should revert if safe edit is cancelled
  • #11455 - Can't save minimum and maximum vaues in Date&time field in Custom form using Edit+
  • #11482 - "Login" and "Logout" need to be changed to "Log In" and "Log Out" for places that use them as verbs
  • #11520 - Only accept a=123 as a query string parameter, not a POST var
  • #11528 - Multiple screens autofill username/password
  • #11547 - Matrix event listeners could potentially overwrite other listeners at installation
  • #11553 - File version error, wrong number of arguments.
  • #11557 - Cascading Safe Edit should not reject approval on child assets that are in Safe Edit Approved To Go Live
  • #11558 - Products in shopping cart is shared between sessions when using dejavu
  • #11563 - Ecommerce Form %form_summary% keyword breaks when used with keyword modifier
  • #11566 - Edit+ Missing keyword description on email bodycopies
  • #11567 - Incorrect throbber image path for image plugin in Edit+ WYSIWYG
  • #11570 - Data Source Graph needs a small change to its create() code
  • #11575 - Special Page Links assets on Site asset Details screen need to to not allow Site assets
  • #11577 - Ace code editor for Raw HTML content containers is not set to read only mode when container is read only
  • #11583 - File upload field on confirmation screen of ecommerce form displays in a weird format after cancel and re-submit
  • #11592 - Region Specific Options - Country Question bug
  • #11598 - Error when cloning Custom Form with metadata on Form Contents
  • #11607 - Remaps with no expires time show as expired in 1970 on Remap Manager screen
  • #11608 - Right Click then Teleport on an asset with no children in the asset map throws JS error
  • #11611 - Matrix throws warnings when updating lookups if a site URL is set to something with a double slash
  • #11613 - Nested content type output empty in the Paint Layout when switching the nested asset.
  • #11616 - Most triggers are missing require lines
  • #11623 - Morphing an asset should be logged
  • #11635 - Search page redirects to the create new screen when acquiring locks in detail screen of search page.
  • #11643 - SSL accelerated Matrix instances don't work correctly with SimpleSAML
  • #11645 - Limbo assets in edit+ appending multiple anchor links to the url
  • #11661 - Braintree Payment gateway not working with Deja Vu enabled
  • #11663 - Last login date and IP address on users details screen appear as editable fields in account managers
  • #11676 - Linking screen shouldn't be loading all the future lineage jobs in the system
  • #11678 - Only form sections and form fields should be allowed to be created under Form Section assets
  • #11682 - SecurePay Payment Gateway unable to handle Invalid Card Number erorr
  • #11688 - Change handling of reCAPTCHA when the cURL request fails
  • #11694 - Trigger action clear session vars with prefix
  • #11697 - Action on other assets box doest wrap to new line on wide screens