Preview in Performance Mode


A new shortcut to view assets in Performance Mode has been added to the Asset Map. When you right-click on an asset in the tree and hover over the Preview menu item, you will now see a new option called "In Performance Mode".

Clicking on this option will preview the selected asset with /_performance appended to the URL, which view it in Performance Mode.

Stolen Locks Email Notification Change


Whenever you steal the asset locks off another user, Matrix will no longer send an email out to all the users who have admin access to that asset. Instead, only the user whose locks got stolen will receive an email.

Bug Fixes

  • #320 - RSS Data Source not handling bad RSS feed source well
  • #605 - Header Frame Refresh Interval label and note on System Config screen needs to be updated
  • #612 - Order of menu items for System Config menu is inconsistent
  • #616 - Related asset metadata field markup has inline styles
  • #619 - Review required PHP Version Matrix constant
  • #620 - Backend User cannot access Form Questions
  • #644 - "Preview" asset map context menu option needs to use the "pointer" cursor style
  • #645 - PHP undefined index notice in Remove Links trigger action
  • #656 - SAML NameID binding not working