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18 Aug 2015   By Bartek Banda

Two new versions of Matrix were released today. Click the links below to view the release notes for each version: features some notable new and useful minor enhancements including:

  • htmlentities keyword modifier - Idea by James Sinclair
    A new keyword modifier has been added that enables you to have all characters which have HTML character entity equivalents to be translated into these entities. Various "flag" parameters can also be passed to the modifier that handle the encoding differently. For example:
    • %asset_name% => A 'quote' is <b>bold</b>
    • %asset_name^htmlentities:ENT_QUOTES% => A &#039;quote&#039; is &lt;b&gt;bold&lt;/b&gt;
    • You can refer to the official PHP documentation for more information on this modifier and the available flags you can use.
  • Metadata field name creation enhancement - Idea by Chris Grist
    An enhancement has been made to the metadata field name creation process where it prevents you from creating metadata fields with characters such as spaces and colons. These problematic characters often causes issues when being using in implementations where you need to print specific metadata field values.
  • Custom log for SOAP Form Submission and Trigger Actions - Idea & development by Joseph So
    The Make SOAP Call Form Submission Action and Trigger Action now have the ability to log the response of the SOAP call into a custom log configured by the implementer. The format of the log entries is also fully customisable.
  • lastchars keyword modifier - Idea & development by Joseph So
    A new keyword modifier has been added that lets you extract the last characters from any keyword value, for example:
    • %asset_name% => Squiz Matrix
    • %asset_name^lastchars:6% => Matrix
  • Ability to re-order Form Submission Actions
    Previously, form submission actions on the Custom Form could not be re-ordered, which meant you had to delete actions and re-create them if you wanted to re-order the sequence in which they fire. This enhancement adds the ability to re-order these actions using a drag and drop interaction.

For more information on our release schedule, refer to the Release Information page on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

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