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08 Mar 2016   By Unknown LDAP User

2 new versions of Matrix were released today. You can check out the release notes here: features some notable new and useful minor enhancements including:

Option to keep non-contained links or not in export to XML script

The Export Assets to XML Tool has had a new option added to it that allows you to control whether to keep non-self contained links or not.

This setting controls the behaviour of exporting notice links for things like permissions, metadata and workflow. By default, these links will only be included if the target assets are also being exported. If this field is set to No, these settings will be exported regardless and is only recommended if you plan on importing to the same instance of Matrix.

Keyword for printing all URLs applied to an asset

A new keyword has been added that lets you print all URLs applied to any asset. Whilst the %asset_url% keyword only prints the current URL in context of the lineage of where the asset is being requested from, the new %asset_urls% keyword will print all available URLs in a JSON encoded array.

For example, if the following 3 URLs are applied to the asset:

Using %asset_url% would print:


You can also use keyword modifiers to just print a comma separated list, for example %asset_url^implode:,% would print:,,

This keyword can be useful for when you want to implement some form of canonical URL functionality or pass URLs to the Clear Squid Cache Trigger Action.

Keyword for printing the asset ID currently being edited

When implementing Simple Edit Layouts for things like Content Templates it's often useful to be able to always print the asset ID of the current asset you are editing, whether its the front end page or a content container.

A new keyword has been added for this purpose called %edit_asset_[asset property]%.

This will always print the ID of the current asset being edited within a Simple Edit Layout. You can access any asset attribute or metadata value associated with the asset, for example %edit_asset_name% or %edit_asset_metadata_description%.

For more information on our release schedule, refer to the Release Information page on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

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