Matrix Newsletter - November 2016

30 Nov 2016   By Bartek Banda


Matrix 5.4 Is Here

This month we celebrated the release of the next huge instalment of Squiz Matrix, version 5.4!

Fully packed with amazing new features including an improved UI, Content Variations, the brand new Quick Edit and Image Editor tools, and huge Context improvements.

5.4 hasn't even been out a week yet and we've already had several clients upgrade to it with some upgrades taking literally a day to perform. That's awesome Matrix is at upgrading, but also how awesome Squiz Support is at doing it!

If you haven't already, check out the news announcement regarding this amazing new release and read the full release notes here.

Matrix Branch Updates

With the new 5.4 branch now active and officially released, we also say goodbye to any further development of the 5.2 branch.

Last week we released version, which is the very last official version of the 5.2 branch in version.

We also released which was the last feature release of the 5.3 branch. This branch has now entered support mode and will only receive bug fixes in any of its future releases.

The current branch support is now as follows:

  • 5.2 - Closed
  • 5.3 - Support Branch (Bug fixes only)
  • 5.4 - Stable Branch (New features, minor enhancements and bug fixes)
  • 5.5 - Master Branch (Future big new features and enhancements development, no official releases yet)

Checkout the Releases page for more information.

Even though there will not be any further releases for the 5.2 branch, it is still covered under the Squiz Matrix product warranty until 12 Apr 2018.

Edinburgh and London User Summits

The Squiz UK user summits are being held this week in Edinburgh and London.

Much like the Australian summit, Squiz will be hosting talks on a variety of topics including UX and Design, CRM, Analytics, Customer success stories, and off course, what's new in Matrix 5.4!

Checkout the Twitter hashtags for both #squizedinburgh16 and #squizlondon16 to follow in on the action and make sure to follow @squizuk and @squizscotland.

Upcoming New Features & Enhancements

Here is a sneak peak of some of the new features and enhancements added for the upcoming release scheduled for next week.

Preview in New Window or Edit Mode


In Admin Mode, when you hover over the Preview option for an asset you will now get 2 additional options for:

  • In New Window - Will preview the asset in a new browser window when clicked.
  • In Edit Mode - Will open the asset's URL in a new window with /_edit appended.

Has Children Menu Design Class


A new settings.class.has_children Menu Design Area Setting has been added to the parse file functionality.

Similar to the existing setting configurations such as settings.class.normal and settings.class.current values, this setting can be used to print a class on the current menu item being printed if it has any child assets that will also get printed.

This will allow you to style your menu easier with CSS to indicate which menu items have child pages available for navigation to.

%asset_url_path% and %asset_url_site_path% Keywords


Two new keywords have been added that let you get different parts from an asset's URL. These include:

  • %asset_url_path% - Prints the path of the asset's URL.
  • %asset_url_site_path% - Prints the site path of the asset's URL.

New Multi-Page Custom Form Tutorial

The tutorial on how to create a multi-page Custom Form has been updated and re-published in the Tutorials section of the site.

Screenshots and example form content have been updated and improved to make it easier to follow and to match the capabilities of more recent versions of Squiz Matrix.

Can you think of a tutorial or guide you would like us to publish? Let us know!

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