Matrix Newsletter - January 2017

31 Jan 2017   By Bartek Banda


Happy New Year!

I think we are just 1 day away from being too late to say it!

The Matrix team has had a well deserved break but have kicked things into full gear during the first month of 2017 with new releases, tutorials, and upcoming feature developments.

We've got a massive year planned ahead including continuous new releases for the 5.3 and 5.4 branches of Squiz Matrix, updates to the Community site, and a big announcement that we'll be able to share with you later this year.

For now, read on to see what's happened in the world of Squiz Matrix in the month of January.

Latest Releases

This month saw 3 new releases become available: packed some great new stuff including Content Container Metadata Indexing and Persona & Variation enhancements.

We also released a quick new version shortly after in to fix an issue with the Cache Manager, so make sure you upgrade to that version if you are using a lot of custom root node caching rules.

The next upcoming versions will be and and are due sometime in mid February.

Upcoming New Features & Enhancements

Speaking of new versions, let's see what you can expect from the upcoming release that is currently in development.

Asset Map Improvements

#2175, #7666, #6796, #10451, #9293#6318

We've spent a bit of time working on several ideas for improving the usability of the Asset Map in Admin Mode.

The enhancements include a better way of moving assets to the trash, smooth scrolling to assets when clicking on the binoculars tool, and smarter move/clone/link options.

WYSIWYG Improvements

#9729, #10478, #10465,

Continuing the trend of improvements, we've also got several new enhancements for the WYSIWYG editor coming.

This includes removing the now redundant "No Content" div (which was causing more headaches than benefits), smarter showing/hiding of the WYSIWYG toolbar, and the automatic removal of empty <p></p> tags when no content has been entered on a saved WYSIWYG area.

Improved Ace Editor Search


The Ace Editor is getting a slightly improved search. The built-in search tool is now fixed to the top of the screen as you scroll down so that you can easily always interact with it as you scroll down a large block of code.

Using your browser's native search tool will now also find code with spaces in it, which it had trouble doing in the past due to a missing configuration setting.

These are just some of the new enhancements on the way. Keep an eye out for the release announcement which will contain release notes for all new bug fixes and features.

Virtual Machine Release Updated to Version 5.4

The Virtual Machine release of Squiz Matrix has been updated to version

Check out the VM page for more information on how to download, install, and use this Virtual Machine.

New Tutorials

We've managed to publish 2 new tutorials this month.

The first is a guide on how to use the REST and OAuth2 web service features in Squiz Matrix using the Google Analytics API as an integration example.

The other, which was just published today actually, is a quick guide on how you can customise the styles of the Edit+ WYSIWYG content area.

Make sure you to also check out the other tutorials that we have available on the site.

New Matrix Promo Page

Last week we announced a new promo page that has been published on the website.

This is where we'll promote the latest and greatest when it comes to Squiz Matrix whether it be big new releases or other exciting news surrounding the product.

You can check out the new promo page here:

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