Matrix Newsletter - May 2018

31 May 2018   By Bartek Banda


Latest Releases

This month we released version for the 5.4 branch which contains 9 new features & enhancements and 20 bug fixes.

This release adds a small enhancement to Custom Forms that lets you now edit the required field note and mark in Edit+, a proper code editor for Markdown Content Containers, customisable filenames for Export Assets to XML tool, and few other enhancements and bug fixes.

Check out the release notes to see the full list of changes.

Changing Select Fields to Toggles in 5.5

As part of the upcoming UI update for version 5.5, we've introduced a new form control element for switching settings on or off.

Previously these were select fields with just a "Yes" and "No" option, which required two clicks to actually change the setting.

With the introduction of toggles, not only does it reduce the amount of clicks by 50%, it makes it a lot easier to scan a screen to see which settings are turned on and which are off.

Another plus is that we can style these toggles and their animations for the toggle effect purely with CSS using a single checkbox input tag as the underlying form input.

Additional New User Preferences

A couple of months ago we highlighted one of the main new features that we're adding in 5.5 called User Preferences. Basically a way for users to have some personalised preferences for how the Admin Mode interface operates.

As part of this new feature, we've now also added two additional preferences, Asset Map Font Size and Assets in Navigation History.

The first one simply gives the ability to change the font size of the elements in the Asset Map in order to have greater readability, as the default font is set to 11px and can be quite small for a lot of users (especially on small monitors or screen resolutions). The available options will be Small (default), Medium, and Large.

The second preference lets you control the maximum number of assets that should be displayed in the Asset Navigation History list at any time. By default, this has always been set to 5. But for users with larger monitors, there is often enough space to list more than 5. And for users who don't want a navigation history list at all, they can simply set this to 0 to hide it all together.

5.5 Release Date Update

Another month has passed and still no RC release!

Well, we're not there yet, as sometimes delays happen that are out of your control (but we are getting a lot closer).

The new date for a potential RC release is now the end of June and we are optimistic and working extremely hard to try and meet this date.

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