Matrix Newsletter - October 2018

31 Oct 2018   By Bartek Banda

Latest Releases

This month we had two patch releases, one for the 5.4 branch and one for 5.5.

Version was a pure bug-fix release and marked the end of the active development of the 5.4 branch. There will now be no more releases for this branch except for security patches and critical bug fixes.

The first ever PATCH release for the brand new 5.5 branch was also released in version and contains 19 bug fixes and 3 minor enhancements.

Check out the release notes of both new versions for a full list of what's new.

Squiz Summits for 2018 Complete

Another year of Squiz Summits are officially over!

Thanks to all of our customers and Squiz users who attended the events and special thanks to the people who joined me in the Matrix breakout session at the Sydney event.

Overall, all summits around the world were a huge success with loads of positive feedback coming in from attendees.

Recordings of the Matrix presentations will be posted on the Matrix Community website in the coming weeks as they become available.

Until then, you can re-live the events from all cities by checking out the social feed from the Twitter #SquizSummit2018 tag.

Better Client-Side Validation

We have recently started implementing better client-side validation using the HTML5 required attribute on various screens in the Admin interface.

Version features the first place we have added this type of validation to, which is on the Search and Replace Tool. When you click the "Search and Replace" button, the screen will first check that all required fields have been filled out before processing the form.

Adding more of this type of form field validation across the various screens in Admin will improve the UX and reduce instances where you save a screen and then see a server-side error message saying that you forgot to fill something out.

Scroll-to-Field Screen Links

Another thing we have started to introduce in the Admin UI is the concept of scroll-to-field screen links.

For example, sometimes there might be a note on a screen saying that a certain feature won't take effect until you configure a setting on a different screen first. We can now add screen links that automatically scroll you to the field that the note is referring to.

This will further improve the UX of the interface guiding the user more on how to correctly configure certain assets on their various screens.

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