This feature introduces a new Currency Sign option for the Ecommerce Form Page, allowing you to set the currency sign used on the ecom form. This option is set via a new field on the Display Formatting screen of the asset.

Previously, to change the currency type of an Ecommerce Form (for example, from Dollars to Pounds), users would be required to modify the sign on each individual format where it was used. This feature makes changing the currency type of the ecom form much more accessible, by reducing this process to a single step.

The value entered into the Currency Sign field is referenced through a new %currency_sign% keyword replacement, which is used on the format of keyword replacements like %form_summary%. This new keyword replacement is also used on the default Individual Asset Format and Item Format attributes on the Display Formatting screen. Modifying the value in the Currency Sign field will amend all instances of the currency sign on the Ecommerce Form Page.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #4976: SOAP JS API's Send Function Now Supports Function Declared Variable
  • Minor Enhancement #4991: Asset ID Remaps Allows Appended Query Strings
  • Minor Enhancement #5009: New Keyword to Print the Binary Contents of a File Asset
  • Minor Enhancement #5017: Rest Assets: Curl Error Logging on http_request Attribute


  • Fixed Bug #4972: Languages appearing twice in the Accept-Language request header condition.
  • Fixed Bug #4978: Perf: Specific cache management settings using getParents.
  • Fixed Bug #4982: Old shadow links break asset map.
  • Fixed Bug #4983: Remove Webpath trigger action failure.
  • Fixed Bug #4986: Simple Edit User doesn't get Workflow emails initiated via EES.
  • Fixed Bug #4987: Send Email trigger action does not preserve current asset attribute when rendering an asset to send.
  • Fixed Bug #4992: Display duplicate page contents when error occurred in SOAP Submission Action and Confirmation Page is enabled.
  • Fixed Bug #4993: JS API createFileAsset for Image file type fails due to new security patch.
  • Fixed Bug #4999: Insert DIV pop-up cosmetic problem in IE6/8.
  • Fixed Bug #5001: Asset Map binoculars seem to sometimes break with latest Java update(s).
  • Fixed Bug #5005: Parameter map value for parameter source for asset and current_user is returned by reference.
  • Fixed Bug #5007: Matrix text area css value white-space: pre-line causes issues in web kit browsers.
  • Fixed Bug #5013: Opening links from the admin area in a new tab redirects to the wrong location.
  • Fixed Bug #5015: Clear Squiz Cache trigger action should not repopulate.
  • Fixed Bug #5016: Runlevel not restored in a few places in Matrix.
  • Fixed Bug #5022: Run step3 resets the SQ_CONF_FORCE_SECURE_LOGIN_URLS to blank.
  • Fixed Bug #5027: Import/Export script breaks on non utf-8 characters.
  • Fixed Bug #5028: Stale Workflow Step emails sent to dependant assets with no workflow screen.
  • Fixed Bug #5035: Squiz Suite Manager connections failing can cause cron to deadlock.


  • Fixed Bug #4981: Group Members setting does not work for an LDAP User with parentheses in DN.


  • Fixed Bug #4984: Cannot attach a Thumbnail to a Data Source asset.
  • Fixed Bug #4995: Cannot create a Data Source Graph.


  • Fixed Bug #5004: Squid Clear Cache tool has a PHP4 reference in it.


  • Fixed Bug #4988: TRIM Saved Search serves old versions of file attachment.

Funnelback Package

  • Fixed Bug #5019: Language string in Display Options appears blank on a Funnelback Search Page.

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