Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Minor Enhancement #5956: Custom Form Sections Now Respect Parent Form's Asset Status.
  • Minor Enhancement #5984: Enhancements to the Interface Mode Trigger Condition.
  • Minor Enhancement #5986: Problematic Char Report on system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php Script.
  • Minor Enhancement #5988: Force Secure Option Maintained on Cloned Assets.
  • Minor Enhancement #5998: Security Enhancement: APIs Blocked from Returning Passwords.


  • Fixed Bug #5908: Cache Manager root node specific issues when clicking the 'Customize' label.
  • Fixed Bug #5932: Minor issues with Show Diff option on the Preview screen.
  • Fixed Bug #5951: Test Run on a SOAP submission action throws errors.
  • Fixed Bug #5958: Saving table properties with empty values creates invalid code.
  • Fixed Bug #5962: Hit Count Asset Listing Page - more than one root node.
  • Fixed Bug #5967: Single quote/apostrophe in the alt attribute of an image breaks the Insert Image plugin. 
  • Fixed Bug #5975: Deleting a listing page's Group Format folder breaks the page. 
  • Fixed Bug #5976: replace_url.php throws uncaught exception on some sites. 
  • Fixed Bug #5977: WYSIWYG Insert Link plugin not uploading link's value when asset type is changed. 
  • Fixed Bug #5979: Unable to create Custom Form with a default metadata value referencing the asset. 
  • Fixed Bug #5981: Lookup updates result in missing URLs in Rollback mode. 
  • Fixed Bug #5990: Filter Frontend User Input throws errors in Asset Builders when entering matrix keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #5992: Style attribute unnecessarily added when editing table properties in the WYSIWYG editor. 
  • Fixed Bug #5995: Typo in the System Configuration - Global Preferences screen for Comment Preferences. 
  • Fixed Bug #5996: Clear Squid Caching tool should always clear a top level URL with a trailing slash. 
  • Fixed Bug #6002: Request concurrency issue with PHP can cause failure to login.  


  • Fixed Bug #5993: Keywords not working in Custom Form's email option "Reply-To" field.   


  • Fixed Bug #5991: Empty stored search issues.


  • Fixed Bug #5980: Rolling Calendar Page has 'Array' written at the top.


  • Fixed Bug #5964: Keyword replacements in the E-Commmerce REST Resource action always includes a tax value. 


  • Fixed Bug #5970: The RSS Data Source asset unexpectedly removes white spaces. 

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #5945: Inconsistency with the parameters that are passed to JS API functions (advanced mode).
  • Fixed Bug #6000: getKeywordsReplacements() used within a batchRequest() won't take array of keywords.

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