Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Minor Enhancement #6452: Asset Listing: Keyword Support for Link Value Filtering.
  • Minor Enhancement #6471: CSV Data Source Error Enhancement.
  • Minor Enhancement #6475: Asset Builder Page: CAPTCHA Enhancement.


  • Fixed Bug #6313: Design Customisation no longer has independent status.
  • Fixed Bug #6396: Links Reports say HTTS URLs cannot be tested.
  • Fixed Bug #6440: HIPO Job getJob concurrency with load balanced read databases.
  • Fixed Bug #6445: Modifiers not run on metadata keywords in an Asset Listing.
  • Fixed Bug #6454: Check index script doesn't check rollback tables correctly.
  • Fixed Bug #6457: Cannot set the user's password on the Funnelback manager.
  • Fixed Bug #6460: Content-Disposition header of Matrix files has unquoted file name.
  • Fixed Bug #6461: Deja Vu issues and enhancements.
  • Fixed Bug #6462: Error checking for the as_asset keyword modifier can bombard error.log with warnings.
  • Fixed Bug #6463: Performance improvement to remove_form_submission.php script.
  • Fixed Bug #6465: Remote Content asset displays arbitrary URLs when no protocol set.
  • Fixed Bug #6467: The Clear Matrix Cache and Clear Squid Cache tools' Clear Now option doesn't work as expected.
  • Fixed Bug #6469: Zero(s) issue when exporting/importing assets.
  • Fixed Bug #6476: Replace keyword modifier strips regex characters.
  • Fixed Bug #6486: Uploading a pdf file with pdftohtml enabled shouldn't block content indexing if there is a minor error.


  • Fixed Bug #6443: After cloning a form sections need to be committed before displaying.


  • Fixed Bug #6492: Data source JSON bypasses any proxy settings.   


  • Fixed Bug #6964: Search and Replace tool can throw db error if replacing many assets.


  • Fixed Bug #6451: Problem with cancelling a Recurring Calendar Event that occurs in the afternoon.
  • Fixed Bug #6488: Listing Calendar Events with the Event Search Page getting undefined object/function error.


  • Fixed Bug #6491: Sharepoint CMIS issue when using a stored WSDL file.


  • Fixed Bug #6261: Funnelback REST Search Page passing parameters dot converted to underscore.

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