Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6468: Image attribute descriptions unhelpful when used in drop-down selectors.
  • Fixed Bug #6528: Eluding dollar sign $ after image variety link can break other links.
  • Fixed Bug #6566: HTTP Request attribute, Forward user information and LDAP Users.
  • Fixed Bug #6573: Matrix Search frontend PHP warning messages.
  • Fixed Bug #6578: Cloning asset from the frontend might unexpectedly "filter" the asset attribute.
  • Fixed Bug #6582: Arithmetic keyword modifier doesn't work correctly on text with comma.
  • Fixed Bug #6587: Performance mode used by more than one person.
  • Fixed Bug #6591: Event broadcasted by non-existent asset will throw fatal error.
  • Fixed Bug #6593: Attempting to put images into safe edit causes fatal error.
  • Fixed Bug #6598: Metadata date fields not selectable in asset map when adding to triggers.
  • Fixed Bug #6599: system_move_update.php generally runs out of memory.
  • Fixed Bug #6601: File asset keyword not included in "-- Insert Keyword --" drop-down.
  • Fixed Bug #6603: JS API response includes User's password in plain text.
  • Fixed Bug #6604: remap_manager.inc needs to handle empty HTTP_HOST.
  • Fixed Bug #6605: Trigger fails to delete a "Deny" permission.
  • Fixed Bug #6613: Clone HIPO job not showing the clone confirmation window.


  • Fixed Bug #6521: Email validation does not work with account manager additional create location.


  • Fixed Bug #6586: Search not returning results for search terms with 'silent chars' in Oracle.


  • Fixed Bug #6592: Various URL keywords not working on Calendar Search Page.

Google Maps

  • Fixed Bug #6612: Google Maps not using structured root node selectors.


  • Fixed Bug #6590: TRIM: do not try to automatically sync records when no record is stored.

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #6594: REST oauth 1.0 session asset couldn't get access token from Twitter.
  • Fixed Bug #6615: Inconsistency between direct acquireLock call and the one made on batchRequest.

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