Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Minor Enhancement #6734: Select Drop-Down Field Options Listed Alphabetically.


  • Fixed Bug #6662: system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php doesn't fix design parse file.
  • Fixed Bug #6683: mysource_files links don't work when @ is in the path.
  • Fixed Bug #6715: Embed Movie plugin returns JavaScript error when clicking OK.
  • Fixed Bug #6717: Empty line(s) in beginning the design file in the output.
  • Fixed Bug #6719: Naming bodycopy div to "I" will break the asset's interface in the backend in IE.
  • Fixed Bug #6724: Image variety URL breaks when in safe edit.
  • Fixed Bug #6725: SEI save metadata bug.
  • Fixed Bug #6727: Indent plugin for WYSYWIG doesn't work for IE.
  • Fixed Bug #6731: Reverting asset from Safe Edit status to Live causes HTML special chars in all asset's attributes to be escaped unexpectedly.


  • Fixed Bug #6701: listing page sort by metadata, group by metadata selection field using key or value of selection.
  • Fixed Bug #6702: Site Map show Icons prints unneeded JavaScript for each icon.


  • Fixed Bug #6695: User Common Name attribute can hide groups.


  • Fixed Bug #6699: Calendar Search Page not loading This Month's events for Dec.
  • Fixed Bug #6704: Upcoming calendar event doesn't pick up events for "today".

Import Tools

  • Fixed Bug #6703: JS REST asset doesn't import from XML correctly.


  • Fixed Bug #6957: Checkout Page will not submit delivery method, without delivery keyword selector.


  • Fixed Bug #6694: Record Filter does not filter the value if the field of Record Set is Empty.


  • Fixed Bug #6733: SAML account manager db error with replication servers.

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