Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6859: Redirection for the defined protocols do not work as expected.
  • Fixed Bug #6868: globals_context keyword pops current context from stack.
  • Fixed Bug #6870: Embed YouTube video plugin inserting extra tags when committing in "view source" mode.
  • Fixed Bug #6871: Don't log LDAP Bridge passwords.
  • Fixed Bug #6877: Generate Report Cron Job not setting the job's "running" attribute due to permission issues.
  • Fixed Bug #6884: Frequency Conditional keyword throws PHP errors.
  • Fixed Bug #6898: /?a=XX links not evaluated correctly in design file.
  • Fixed Bug #6904: Xpath cannot use |, preg_replace() error return.
  • Fixed Bug #6905: EES does not checks the parent asset's "allowed links" rule when creating new asset.
  • Fixed Bug #6907: Small bug in display of site map items.
  • Fixed Bug #6915: Space char getting replaced by   in Matrix combo box.
  • Fixed Bug #6918: Fix date_format keyword modifier to handle --:--:--.


  • Fixed Bug #6885: Backend user can't edit the job create by them for 'Send Submissions To Email'.


  • Fixed Bug #6874: Don't log LDAP Bridge passwords.
  • Fixed Bug #6917: Send Email Trigger Action not sending to LDAP email attribute.


  • Fixed Bug #6861: Schedule Bulkmail Job trigger action's subscription filter does not works with Metadata Select Field.
  • Fixed Bug #6899: Adding the bulkmail job using Schedule Bulkmail Job trigger action in EES mode not working.

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