SOAP assets within Squiz Matrix allow you to connect to a remote SOAP server via a variety of authentication methods, including basic HTTP authentication, WS-security username tokens and JSESSIONID cookies.

This feature introduces a new authentication type on SOAP assets in order to integrate with your Marketo service, allowing for the creation, retrieval and removal of entities and data stored within their system.

The Marketo Signature authentication option can be configured in the Authentication Type field of your SOAP Connection Details section. This authentication type is available on the SOAP Data Source asset, as well as the Make SOAP Call form submission action, form step action and trigger action.

Selecting the Marketo Signature authentication option will display the Authentication Details fields allowing you to supply the access and secret keys for your Marketo connection.

This feature has been added to support Marketo integration within Squiz Matrix, providing all existing functionality and features. 

New JS and CSS File Folder Assets (#6668) 

This feature introduces two new assets to provide a platform for serving multiple JS and CSS files as a single, packaged file.

The JS File Folder and CSS File Folder assets allow you to create a single folder, specifying the individual file assets to attach beneath it. These linked files are then merged based the settings of the asset.

Files can be linked to both the JS and CSS File Folder assets on their Details screen. Files selected in this section will be NOTICE linked to the asset.

The Minification settings of the File Folder assets allow you to select how the linked files will be merged and whether the code will be minified. Both assets provide Squiz Matrix's Basic Minification method, as well as an option to Merge Without Minification.

In addition to these settings, the JS File Folder can utilise the Closure Compiler tool to merge and minify linked files, and create an associated JavaScript Source Map file (Source Map files can be viewed on the asset's Source Map Files screen).

A Regenerate File field allows you to regenerate the merged file, for example, if the content of a linked file has been modified.

The JS File Folder and CSS File Folder assets have been created to developed to provide best practice performance solutions for your systems, serving minified and well-optimised code.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #6647: Asset Manager: Performance Enhancement on generateGetParentsQuery().
  • Minor Enhancement #6648: Apply Style Plugin CSS File Classes on Non-Bodycopy WYSIWYG Editors. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6674: Additional Workflow Keyword Replacements. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6680: PayPal Payflow Pro Gateway: New Option to Send Custom Merchant Reference.  
  • Minor Enhancement #6690: Enhancements to the system_move_update.php Script.   


  • Fixed Bug #6497: Webpaths behave strangely when mixing extensions.
  • Fixed Bug #6504: Signature of JS_Api::createLink() is not compatible with Asset::createLink.
  • Fixed Bug #6606: Global keywords in _edit mode. 
  • Fixed Bug #6609: what's new page sorting. 
  • Fixed Bug #6618: Redis Cache handler bug. 
  • Fixed Bug #6621: hide_frames=1 no longer respected. 
  • Fixed Bug #6627: Multiple set metadata value trigger actions with same field ID cannot set different values. 
  • Fixed Bug #6633: Image Variety Trigger missing square option. 
  • Fixed Bug #6638: Form Section does not allow a question to be created. 
  • Fixed Bug #6642: getKeyFromValue of metadata Field select does not return the correct value. 
  • Fixed Bug #6649: Matrix insert link plugin adding the current url to the link in compatible mode on IE. 
  • Fixed Bug #6655: Use Default checkbox for Metadata Multiple Text fields errors if apostrophe in default value. 
  • Fixed Bug #6673: Permission issues when removing cron job since bug #6533 changes. 
  • Fixed Bug #6678: preview screen some JS errors. 
  • Fixed Bug #6689: keyword used in login design woudl cause fatal error. 


  • Fixed Bug #6626: Locking issues on forms with workflows applied.
  • Fixed Bug #6650: Previous button HTML is malformed on multi-page form. 


  • Fixed Bug #6568: Rolling calendar doesnt handle February at the end of longer months.
  • Fixed Bug #6632: Upcoming Events not rendering the %event_list% keyword if there are no events. 
  • Fixed Bug #6686: Events ordering not consistant across diffenent days in the Calendar Page. 


  • Fixed Bug #6623: Upgrading to 4.16.3 or beyond causes errors when existing Squid purge trigger action runs.


  • Fixed Bug #6685: trim error could cause previously downloaded file to be deleted.


  • Fixed Bug #6693: SAML Account Manager Parse Metadata XML produces broken PHP

Modern Asset Map

  • Fixed Bug #6631: Scroll at edge of map.
  • Fixed Bug #6634: After dragging/moving an asset, clicking on another asset doesn't clear the popup menu. 
  • Fixed Bug #6644: Modern asset map displaying unecessary viewing X of XX asset. 
  • Fixed Bug #6656: locateAsset calls to Modern Asset Map are broken for shadow assets. 
  • Fixed Bug #6661: Restore Root in Modern Asset Map doesn't allow return to Root (#1) Folder when a custom root is set. 
  • Fixed Bug #6666: On Windows machines, scrollbar control can be interfered by the rectangular selection. 
  • Fixed Bug #6671: Asset link icon updated to the incorrect type in the JS asset map.

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