A new global keyword has been added that will display the protocol of the current URL, either http or https.


This global keyword has been added in conjunction with a bug fix, where the WYSIWYG editor's Embed YouTube Video plugin was unable to output the video URL using the https protocol. This resulted in HTTPS sites not displaying this content. This has now been fixed along with the inclusion of this global keyword to display the correct protocol based on the current URL.

New Trigger Action to Issue Preset Counter Numbers (#6698)

A new Issue Counter Values trigger action has been added that will issue unique counter integers to a session variable name, when a trigger is fired. This session variable value can then be used in conjunction with a new Counter Number Issued trigger event to apply the issued integer within Squiz Matrix, for example, as a metadata field or asset attribute value.

The integers issued by this new trigger action can be configured to either increase or decrease by a value of 1, each time the action is fired.

The implementation possibilities for this new trigger action/event combo are varied. One such usage could be assigning member IDs to newly created user accounts via the Issue Counter Values trigger action; Once the counter value is issued, a second trigger (fired by the Counter Number Issued event) could apply the issued integer as a metadata value on the new user account asset.

Cache Manager: New Accelerator Cache Expiry Options (#6710)

Squiz Matrix's Cache Manager allows you to configure the caching settings within your system.

These caching settings include the Browser Cache Expiry field, which defines the length of time (in seconds) that a requested page will be cached within a browser. Once this time has lapsed, the page will expire.

Previously, this cache expiry setting was honoured by both browsers and accelerators (such as Squid). This meant, however, that if the Browser Cache Expiry field was set to, for example, 24 hours, both the browser and Squiz would cache the page for 24 hours each. This meant that a user could potentially see 48 hour old content.

This feature introduces a new Accelerator Cache Expiry field to set the individual expiry time for content in accelerator proxies.

The Accelerator Cache Expiry field can be found on the Details screen of the Cache Manager.

The value entered into this field will define the length of time that content is cached within a proxy accelerator. If this field is left empty, the s-maxage cache header attribute will not be sent and the accelerator's default expiry settings will be used.

New Trigger Action to Remove a User From a User Group for Current Session (#6722)

A new trigger action has been added to allow a user to be temporarily removed from a specified user group for the current login session. The Leave User Group for Session action allows you to select one or more user groups to temporarily remove the current user from, when the trigger is fired and its conditions are met.

This new action works in the opposite manner to the existing Join User Group for Session trigger action, which will dynamically link the current user to a User Group for the remainder of the login session. A new 'Remove user from previously joined session groups' field has also been added to this action to remove a user from any previously joined session groups, before joining new groups through this trigger action.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #6524: Enhancements to the system_integrity_orphaned_assets.php Script.
  • Minor Enhancement #6581: Use curl_multi in HTTP Requests.
  • Minor Enhancement #6585: Rollback Management Script: Recommend Fix Duplicate Rollback Entries if an Error Occurs.
  • Minor Enhancement #6636: Performance Enhancement: LDAP User Log In.
  • Minor Enhancement #6639: Improved Execution Time of the Update Lookups HIPO Job.
  • Minor Enhancement #6640: Allow Keyword Value Trigger Condition to be Used Multiple Times.
  • Minor Enhancement #6660: Leaving Rollback Will Now Return Users Back to the Asset Where Rollback was Initiated.
  • Minor Enhancement #6665: LDAP Bridge: Option to Recursively Return all Parent Groups of an LDAP User or not.
  • Minor Enhancement #6708: asset_summary Keywords in Export to XML.
  • Minor Enhancement #6714: SOAP Data Source: Automatic Handling of the XML SOAP Response.
  • Minor Enhancement #6728: Asset Manager: Event Broadcast When Sort Order Changed.
  • Minor Enhancement #6734: Select Drop-Down Field Options Listed Alphabetically.


  • Fixed Bug #6662: system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php doesn't fix design parse file.
  • Fixed Bug #6683: mysource_files links don't work when @ is in the path.
  • Fixed Bug #6715: Embed Movie plugin returns JavaScript error when clicking OK.
  • Fixed Bug #6716: Remove unread messages popup in backend to improve performance.
  • Fixed Bug #6717: Empty line(s) in beginning the design file in the output.
  • Fixed Bug #6719: Naming bodycopy div to "I" will break the asset's interface in the backend in IE.
  • Fixed Bug #6724: Image variety URL breaks when in safe edit.
  • Fixed Bug #6725: SEI save metadata bug.
  • Fixed Bug #6727: Indent plugin for WYSYWIG doesn't work for IE.
  • Fixed Bug #6731: Reverting asset from Safe Edit status to Live causes HTML special chars in all asset's attributes to be escaped unexpectedly.
  • Fixed Bug #6737: Binoculars in user linking screen.


  • Fixed Bug #6701: listing page sort by metadata, group by metadata selection field using key or value of selection.
  • Fixed Bug #6702: Site Map show Icons prints unneeded JavaScript for each icon.
  • Fixed Bug #6706: search page when results is grouped, and group name matching search query is forced.


  • Fixed Bug #6695: User Common Name attribute can hide groups.


  • Fixed Bug #6699: Calendar Search Page not loading This Month's events for Dec.
  • Fixed Bug #6704: Upcoming calendar event doesn't pick up events for "today".

Import Tools

  • Fixed Bug #6703: JS REST asset doesn't import from XML correctly.


  • Fixed Bug #6957: Checkout Page will not submit delivery method, without delivery keyword selector.


  • Fixed Bug #6694: Record Filter does not filter the value if the field of Record Set is Empty.


  • Fixed Bug #6733: SAML account manager db error with replication servers.

Modern Asset Map

  • Fixed Bug #6644: Modern asset map displaying unnecessary viewing X of XX asset.
  • Fixed Bug #6657: Asset tree steals focus on mouse over.
  • Fixed Bug #6676: If the asset map scrolls during a rectangular selection, assets at the other end of the selection get de-selected.
  • Fixed Bug #6696: Modern Asset Map intercepts keystrokes on WYSIWYG popups.
  • Fixed Bug #6697: JS Asset map right click list.
  • Fixed Bug #6709: Modern asset map not loading in IE8-10 due to Quirks mode.
  • Fixed Bug #6711: Modern Asset Map not loading for Simple Edit user in EES.

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