A new Global Keyword Replacement has been added to handle array data, i.e. the replacement containing the array data (e.g. _GET, _POST, Matrix sandbox session var) can be accessed using the global keywords with keyword modifiers. Two new keywords globals_get and globals_post are added to return _GET and _POST array data respectively.

In addition, four new keyword modifiers have been added to handle array data: as_xml, as_csv, as_url_string and as_json. If no keyword modifiers are used on returning array data, Matrix will apply the as_json modifier, by default; the resulting keyword replacement value is always text.

Please note that these array specific keyword modifiers will not work on string data replacements. However, as the result of the array data replacement is a string value, regular string keyword modifiers can be applied to the resulting keyword replacement.


New Keyword Condition Rule for Checking Visited Pages (#6692) 

The content creation tools within Squiz Matrix allow you to configure condition-based rules, defined by keyword replacements, to specify the sections of content to display. These rules can range from an asset's status being a particular status type, to whether a user is logged-in or not.

This feature adds a new condition type, allowing the system to check against the previously visited pages of a user, in order to determined whether or not the condition is met. The Visited Pages Condition can be set on the Conditional Keywords screen of a Paint Layout's Type Formats Bodycopy. 

The Visited Pages Condition can be check against whether the previously visited URL(s) either match or do not match a set of specified patterns or asset IDs. Regular expressions can be used when configuring the URLs in these fields.

Along with this new condition type, this feature also includes two new global keyword replacements:
%globals_visited_assets% and %global_visited_urls%. These global keywords will return an array of either the user's previously visited assets or URLs. Keyword modifiers can be used to parse this array.

New Input Type Field for Text Type Form Questions (#6799) 

The Custom Form's Text question type allows users to enter a text response to the question via an input field. This field can be configured as a single line field, or a multiple line box.

Previously, the Text question type would print an input type of "text" within the source of a form.

This feature introduces a new option for Text question types, allowing you to apply HTML5 input elements within your forms.

The Input Type field can be configured in the Question Options section on the Details screen of a Text question type. 

Users can select an input type in this field, to use on the form question. The options available include:

  • Color
  • Date
  • Datetime
  • Datetime-local
  • Email
  • Hidden
  • Month
  • Number
  • Range
  • Search
  • Text
  • Tel
  • Time
  • Url
  • Week

By default, the Text input type will be used for Text questions. Selecting an alternative input type in this field will print this within the source of the page.


This feature also extends to Text questions on other form types within Squiz Matrix, such as the E-Commerce Form Page and Default Delivery Method assets. 

View the Squizmap idea for this feature at https://squizmap.squiz.net/matrix/2545.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #6677: New Keyword Condition Rule for Checking Page Referrer.
  • Minor Enhancement #6691: New Keyword Condition Rule for Checking Users Entry Page. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6749: Additional asset_id Attribute for Form Submissions. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6773: New Keyword Condition Rule for Checking Site Referrer. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6774: More Detailed Lock Information on HIPO Herder Screen. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6779: Enhancements to the Recreate Link Tree System Script. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6791: Designs: Notification If Parse File Does Not Contain Design Area Tags. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6796: JS File Folder Enhancements. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6802: Refresh Local TRIM Records Cache. 


  • Fixed Bug #6477: Spaces between MySource areas stripped.
  • Fixed Bug #6736: ^replace_keywords does not replace with eq operator. 
  • Fixed Bug #6742: Accessing metadata screen in the rollback mode throws fatal db error. 
  • Fixed Bug #6743: Asset Map fails in 4.18.2 on Oracle. 
  • Fixed Bug #6744: Regen Metadata scripts  are not context aware. 
  • Fixed Bug #6745: Linking screen in EES/Edit+ on 4.18.2. 
  • Fixed Bug #6752: Can't reorder context IE8. 
  • Fixed Bug #6757: Paint layout's conditional keywords not getting evaluated correctly. 
  • Fixed Bug #6762: Cannot set image variety to Safe Edit status in Oracle system. 
  • Fixed Bug #6763: Referrer condition if true not working. 
  • Fixed Bug #6764: PHP 5.4 "failed to load external entity" error. 
  • Fixed Bug #6769: Java asset map insert link / binocular not working for java 1.7.0-51 update. 
  • Fixed Bug #6776: Backtrace file path - Undefined index: general.inc line 74 line 75. 
  • Fixed Bug #6778: Global date keywords do not work in type format of shadow assets. 
  • Fixed Bug #6782: %asset_lineage_linked% doesn't play nice with modifiers. 
  • Fixed Bug #6792: Twitter API now requires HTTPS. 
  • Fixed Bug #6798: REST asset not encoding "Append query string" value. 


  • Fixed Bug #6740: Form feed char "\f" (#xC) not filtered by "Save as XML" form action.
  • Fixed Bug #6797: Unable to create User Group Manager Page asset with metadata schema applied with default metadata field value (keywords) referencing the asset. 


  • Fixed Bug #6732: Search Page searching email attribute of Simple Edit user.

Import Tools

  • Fixed Bug #6700: Asset builder doesn't export create form customisations.


  • Fixed Bug #6775: Upgrading causes errors when existing Squid purge trigger action runs.

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #6688: JS api breaks when it parses the result json.
  • Fixed Bug #6747: JS Rest resource asset error "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()". 
  • Fixed Bug #6750: JS API getParents doesn't return the 1st parent, throws Unexpected end of input  error.

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