This feature introduces the brand new Regular Expression asset to Squiz Matrix. The Regular Expression asset can be used to define a regular expression and replacement string pair, and can be used in conjunction with new regex keyword modifiers.

The Details screen of the Regular Expression asset allows you to set the regular expression. If you want to create a replacement, this screen allow allows you to set a replacement string pair and a replacement limit.

The Regular Expression asset can be used in conjunction with the following new keyword modifiers:

  • preg_replace: replaces the regular expression value with the replacement set on the Regular Expression asset. This is the same functionality as the preg_replace() PHP function.

  • preg_match: returns a success/failure value if the regular expression matches the returned keyword value. This is the same functionality as the preg_match_all() PHP function.

    In the above example, this keyword will return 0 if no match is found in the contents of the asset. If a match is found, this keyword will return the number of matches, e.g. 2 for two matches.

    In this example, the keyword will return No if no match is found, and Yes if any number of matches are found.
  • preg_match_result: returns regular expression matches on the returned keyword value as an array. This is the same functionality as the preg_match_all() PHP function, and should be used in conjunction with the array keyword modifiers.

    The above example will return the matches array in the json format.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #6796: JS File Folder and CSS File Folder Enhancements.
  • Minor Enhancement #6800: New sort_options Parameter for Select Drop-Down Lists in Admin Interface.
  • Minor Enhancement #6802: TRIM Saved Search: New Update on Empty Response Field.
  • Minor Enhancement #6816: E-Commerce Order XML: Gateway and Merchant Reference Strings.
  • Minor Enhancement #6823: JS API: editMetadataSchema() and getMetadataSchema() Enhancements.
  • Minor Enhancement #6845: New Login Form Keywords on the Asset Builder and Account Manager Assets.
  • Minor Enhancement #6846: New Input Field ID Keywords on the Simple Edit Layout.
  • Minor Enhancement #6857: Performance Enhancement to the Custom Form Page Asset.


  • Fixed Bug #6781: Some conflicting preferences revert to default.
  • Fixed Bug #6788: Simple edit can't open the modern asset map.
  • Fixed Bug #6801: %asset_thumbnail% breaking events search page.
  • Fixed Bug #6803: Search in search button keyword javascript output error.
  • Fixed Bug #6807: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by.
  • Fixed Bug #6822: Accessing metadata schema screen in the rollback mode throws fatal db error.
  • Fixed Bug #6824: Image variety keyword replacement does not escape double-quotes in alt or title text.
  • Fixed Bug #6826: Paint Layout: Condition Logical always evaluates to true.
  • Fixed Bug #6832: Wyswiyg plugins Format Heading and Apply Styles not working in IE11.
  • Fixed Bug #6833: Tickbox Table form question outputs invalid HTML.
  • Fixed Bug #6834: add_remove_url.php script doesn't copy user defined layout.
  • Fixed Bug #6836: Safe edit interface generating some invalid HTML markups.
  • Fixed Bug #6839: Simple Edit User doesnt get workflow approved emails.
  • Fixed Bug #6843: Show diff feature for preview can miss the changes made.
  • Fixed Bug #6850: Trigger action Set Future Status does not takes metadata date field's offset into account.
  • Fixed Bug #6852: Asset_Manager::assetExists() throws fatal db error in Oracle if supplied assetids are more than 1000.

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #6848: JS API batchRequest cleans params of the createAsset function which breaks creating with attributes.

Modern Asset Map

  • Fixed Bug #6754: IE8 not responding to double-clicks in JS Asset Map.
  • Fixed Bug #6760: Insert image popup doesn't retain asset map location.
  • Fixed Bug #6761: 'Binoculars' doesn't break out of teleported root.
  • Fixed Bug #6780: Collapse all button applies to both asset trees.
  • Fixed Bug #6785: Tree Two does not allow drag to select assets.

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