• Minor Enhancement #5193: Changes to DPS Payment Gateway Asset.
  • Minor Enhancement #5214: Performance Enhancement to the regen_metadata_schemas.php Script.
  • Minor Enhancement #5225: Form Error Handling For Uploaded File Asset Creation Failure.
  • Minor Enhancement #5226: DB Data Source: SQL Queries to Oracle Databases. 
  • Minor Enhancement #5228: Asset ID Keyword Now Available on Rejection Workflow Message.
  • Minor Enhancement #5230: Email Format Error Handling for Invalid Asset ID.
  • Minor Enhancement #5238: Minifying Matrix JS Files. 


  • Fixed Bug #5185: Workflow stale messages not sending and subject can't be customised.
  • Fixed Bug #5186: Can't start an alternate workflow stream by placing Up for Review.
  • Fixed Bug #5195: REST resource asset authentication type Pass Matrix session through doesn't work.
  • Fixed Bug #5201: PHP Fatal error on cron_job_manage_pending_accounts.
  • Fixed Bug #5205: SEI keywords list for Multi-Date Calendar Event. 
  • Fixed Bug #5208: Expired workflow cron job sends workflow escalation email for every dependant assets.
  • Fixed Bug #5223: Asset Manager Get Link Lineages skips some notice links on Oracle. 
  • Fixed Bug #5220: Custom form gives errors if submission logging is set to No.
  • Fixed Bug #5229: Custom form text field with height > 1 giving JavaScript error. 
  • Fixed Bug #5232: Status Changed event broadcasts too early. 


  • Fixed Bug #5192: Calendar event asset detail screen, Occurs on check box has minor js error. 


  • Fixed Bug #5221: IPB authentication broken. 

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #5219: SOAP API metadata service GetSchemasOnAsset API throws error object hasn't 'Granted' property
  • Fixed Bug #5236: Squiz Suite will not register with older Suite products.
  • Fixed Bug #5237: Cannot de-register a registered system on Suite manager.t

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