• Minor Enhancement #5240: Better Handling for JSON Encoding on the Javascript API.
  • Minor Enhancement #5247: Ecommerce Form Honour with ID code now Approved.
  • Minor Enhancement #5254: Quick Search Performance Improvement.
  • Minor Enhancement #5261: Asset ID Format Validation in Asset Builder's Create Location Field.
  • Minor Enhancement #5276: Bulk File Import Tool Description Improved. 


  • Fixed Bug #5184: Regenerate Metadata on schema doesn't reindex metadata fields with default metadata value.
  • Fixed Bug #5190: WYSIWYG Insert Link Title adds backslashs before apostrophes.
  • Fixed Bug #5208: Expired workflow cron job sends workflow escalation email for every dependant assets.
  • Fixed Bug #5231: Keyword modifiers don't work on custom form answers.
  • Fixed Bug #5244: Can not disable automatic remaps for File assets.
  • Fixed Bug #5251: Layout lookup values remain for removed site URL.
  • Fixed Bug #5263: Bulkmail job setting mem_limit to unlimited triggers suhosin.
  • Fixed Bug #5272: JS API typo Undefined variable: update_user in error log.
  • Fixed Bug #5275: Nesting more than one AL using same DB Data Source and diff dynamic vars doesn't refresh results.
  • Fixed Bug #5280: Client side form validation doesn't work with %section_contents_XXXX% keyword.
  • Fixed Bug #5282: TO_CHAR on CLOB (Oracle DB)  causing workflow escalation to fail.
  • Fixed Bug #5289: Matrix licence statement not printed in HTML source code if EES design is used on the design file.
  • Fixed Bug #5291: general.inc:mime_type_content() throwing undefined variable error.
  • Fixed Bug #5293: Nested Content in Cloned Assets. 


  • Fixed Bug #5281: Online Quiz select box question reported empty by client side validation.
  • Fixed Bug #5283: Online Quiz alerts all questions unanswered when using Custom Grouping.


  • Fixed Bug #5279: Search Page form's submit onClick action not executing in Internet Explorer. 
  • Fixed Bug #5295: Deja Vu caching old metadata as Search Manager re-indexes old metadata.


  • Fixed Bug #5296: LDAP Groups not expanding in Active Directory.


  • Fixed Bug #5290: Funnelback search page returning non-live asset result to non-publishing user.

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